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Friends of Kirk Hammerton Primary School

The Friends play a key role in the life of the school. As a parent with a child in the school you are automatically a member of the Friends and are invited to attend the meetings. This offers you the chance to get to know other people while taking part in a range of activities.

The Role of the Friends

The role of the friends is to raise additional funds for the school. Many of the extra items within school have been funded by them for the benefit of all the children such as the recent tyre play system.

How often are the meetings held?

The number of meetings depends on the number of fundraising activities being arranged. Generally there are two meetings each term, held in the school in the evening. You are welcome to attend any of them and are under no obligation to attend them all. Minutes of each meeting, with details of future events are sent to every family.

Who attends the meetings?

Present at the meetings are other parents and of course the Committee members who are parents themselves. The headteacher often comes too. The Committee consists of a chairperson, secretary and treasurer and an AGM is held each October to elect its members. Our meetings are very informal, all are welcome and we make sure that everyone is introduced. The more parents who take an active part, the better!

What is discussed?

The meetings serve primarily to reflect on recent events and organise future projects. Decisions are also made about how the funds raised should be spent. Not all the events organised are fund-raisers; some, like school discos, are for pure enjoyment. As Friends meetings are not a channel for complaints or concerns about children, these issues should be raised with the class teacher or headteacher as appropriate.

How can you get involved?

You can attend meetings or contact one of the committee members — we‘ll be delighted to accept any help that you can offer. If you are unable to attend the evening meetings but are willing to help in other ways, please tell the chairperson and we‘ll be delighted to include you.

How much time will it take up?

This is entirely your choice. Occasional helpers can do as little or as much as they like. This could vary from selling raffle tickets, running a stall at the summer fete or helping at the Christmas party, to taking on a larger role by organising an event, for instance.

Not enough time to volunteer on a regular basis?

Most people are in the same boat. But it doesn‘t matter — any help you can offer will be of value. We will always find a use for your willingness and skills.

We have organised ...

Events in the last year included: children‘s discos, the Christmas party, a Christmas Secret Room, a village treasure hunt, a quiz, a jumble sale and a children‘s film night. By organising a variety of events, we hope to keep the level of interest high and that all who wish to do so should feel they have a part to play.

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