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Why is Kirk Hammerton School Special?

Video filmed and edited by Bertie Kirkwood, Year 6

All schools can say they have dedicated and caring staff, working hard for the best education of each individual child, and Kirk Hammerton is no exception. This page is here to show you what makes Kirk Hammerton special and what it can offer that is different to other schools in the area. Each aspect on its own may not be huge but, we believe as a package, they make Kirk Hammerton School stand out from the crowd.

The Community

Kirk Hammerton is a small village with an enviable rural setting by the River Nidd. Though the population is relatively small, it is highly active and there is always something going on. The School and the community have an excellent symbiotic relationship with each supporting the other.

The Church

If you just come to look round the school you may miss the fact that our church, which is only a short walk from the gates, is a stunning example of a 10th century building with later additions. The children are privileged to attend St John the Baptist's Church at all major Christian festivals.

Wraparound Care Club

Sometimes it can be difficult to fit the school run in with work or home life so Kirk Hammerton offers a Wraparound Care Club. Children can be brought to school from 8:00am and collected as late as 6:00pm. Breakfast, snacks and drinks are provided and structured activities organised. Charges apply for this service.

The Parking

Kirk Hammerton is very lucky to have a substantial parking area at the village playing fields which are adjacent to the school grounds. It makes dropping off and picking up children so easy and stress free.

The Playground

What can be better than letting the children loose on the playground after school before taking them home? The recently expanded playground is situated next to the car park and provides the perfect place for the children to wind down and the adults to catch up.

The Space

The school buildings are surrounded by acres of grassed playing fields and tarmac playing areas and it is always a pleasure to see the children use this space to its full potential during play time.

The Classes

The small classes allow children to learn in a relaxed, uncrowded environment which encourages plenty of interaction with teachers. Small classes mean the children will focus on their tasks better and the teacher can guide their progress more effectively.

The Buildings

Built in 1975, the school has not been altered drastically since. This means there are no prefabricated classrooms or endless extensions compromising the simple and effective design of the original buildings.

"Making the decision to relocate our children from our local village school to Kirk Hammerton Primary School was extremely daunting however we could not have wished for a better outcome. From the outset the whole family was made to feel very welcome at what is a very warm, friendly and caring school with a fantastic community within it. From excellent teachers and staff to superb facilities, the school has endless qualities to offer each and every parent/carer and child who walk through its doors. The teachers and staff have a clear vision of how to continuously develop all aspects of the school, whilst maintaining the ethos which has brought it thus far, therefore allowing all of the pupils the opportunity to experience new areas of learning. However with all this said, it is the dedication and experience of the teachers and staff that is at the core of this truly outstanding school".

- A Parent

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