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Christian Ethos

Kirk Hammerton is a school with a strong Christian Ethos.  Collective Worship takes place every day and is led by staff, clergy, church lay readers and other invited guests. Children can also take a leading role.
The Collective Worship Policy can be found at the bottom of the page, along with details of our 'Hands Prayer.'

Children's Collective Worship Committee (CCWC)

The 'Children's Collective Worship Committee' take responsibility in leading Collective Worship on a regular basis. This is delivered to the whole school in the hall and can also be led by these children within different areas of school e.g. reflective areas in each classroom or the Prayer Garden. 
The CCWC meet to discuss the collective worships they will be leading, so that they can plan and practice these beforehand. This is overseen by Mrs Appleton (Class 3 Teacher/Assistant Headtacher).
They also take the lead in organising any new Collective Worship resources, for example a new cross for the school. 

Collective Worship themes