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Welcome to Brown Bear's Homepage!

In our Brown Bear Family, there are 10 reception children and 9 year ones. We really enjoy working together as a class, challenging ourselves and exploring in the different areas of provision, in both our indoor and outdoor classroom.


Our last picture altogether!



In PE we have enjoyed learning different positions in Yoga. We have learnt different breathing techniques, how to meditate, developed concentraion and focus when balancing and strengthening different parts of our bodies. With the weather being so glorious, we have taken our yoga lessons outside - it was great! 

Quest - By Aaron Becker

In our literacy lessons Year 1 have been looking at two wordless books by Aaron Becker, 'Journey' and 'Quest'. The children used their imaginations to write their own stories to match the phenomenal illustrations in the books. We chose our favourite stories and put them altogether to make a complete story.

Below is our version of 'Quest'.





Physical Education

In PE this term we are focussing on ball skills and gymnastics. In gymnastics we have been exploring with the apparatus and strengthing our upper bodies. The children have learnt to move in different ways, exploring what muscles they needed to used and pereserved when a challenge occured! 

The Great Fire of London

In Topic we are learning all about 'The Great Fire of London'. We have found out lots of interesting facts already! The reception children have been using their imagination to re-create the fire by using the construction area and different materials from around the classroom. In year 1 they have been writing their own diary entries and also designing fire engines for the future...they've thought of some fantastic ideas!

Dinostar - The Dinosaur Experience

After the fantastic Dinostar experience, we designed and created our own 3D dinosaurs in Design Technology!


Monday 9th October 2017

Today we went to Staveley Primary School where we had a visit from Dinostar - The Dinosaur Experience! We got to hold, touch and look at dinosaur bones, fossils, teeth, claws and our favourite; the Allosaurus skull which was 60 million years old!

We learnt all about the characteristics of individual dinosaurs and why they needed sharp claws, long necks etc. We made our very own fossils and found out lots of interesting facts.

Click the link below to see Dinostar's website and find out more interesting facts and find out where their amazing museum is located!




Magnificent Maths Morning!

All of our pupils worked together in their new house teams to tackle the challenges that waited for them in the different classes, focussing on the six area of Mathematics; Shape and Space, Geometry, Statistics, Addition and Subtraction, Measure and Fractions...WHAT FUN THEY HAD!

Brown Bears

Brown Bears are the second tallest bear.They stand in rivers and catch fish in their mouths or with their paws. Brown Bears are ominvores. Never feed a Brown bear, they are VERY dangerous! Brown Bears hibernate nearly all winter. Brown Bears have babies in the winter when they are asleep. Brown Bears usually leave humans alone...unless they feel scared.

By Merlin

(Year 1)


WOW Work!

Esme's fantastic Brown Bear that she created as part of her homework!


KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts) for Maths

Non-negotiables for Writing 

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