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Class 2 Sept 17

Welcome to The Green Gecko class webpage. You can use this page to find out what is happening in our class.There will be lots of useful information about what we are learning including curriculum topics, photographs, work and newsletters.

Howsham Mill School Trip


This term we have been learning all about how extreme the planet Earth can be and how we might survive if there was a natural disaster. So, on the 7th February the Green Geckos visited Howsham Mill to learn extreme survival skills.  We learnt all about how to make flour from wheat, we then used this to make bread dappers which we cooked on a campfire.  Delicicious......especially with chocolate spread and cream!!

We then put our survival skills to the test as we worked together in teams to build dens.  We had great fun thinking about how our dens would cope with rain and wind. Have a look and see what you think.......


We are now all survival experts and would be able to survive if we had to live in a woodland with no electricity!


The Green Geckos have been investigating the Vikings this term.  We have put the events of the Viking invasion into chronological order and thought about how 'Great' the Anglo Saxon Kings were.  These photos show the class performing a poem by Rudyard Kipling about Vikings invading and settling.  I wonder if anyone can remember what Danegeld was?........

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