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A big hello from 'The Congos'! Thank you for visiting our class page. We are a Reception, year 1 and year 2 with 22 children altogether. The Congos are taught by Mrs Fraser. We love exploring the different areas in our indoor and outdoor classroom accessing a range of challenges and provision. Keep reading to find out about what we get up to. 

Our Wonderful Class

Story Time with Mrs Fraser


Home Learning

I am super impressed with all the home learning that is going on at homes while school is currently closed. See below the wonderful gallery of some of the work that I have been sent. I can't wait to see more!

Science Day!

On Wednesday 11th March class 1 went and joined Staveley school's class 1 for a joint 'science day'. We took part in three different science experiments and had so much fun learning with our friends!

Experiment 1 - Mimicking Disguise, in this task we looked at creatures adaptations and understanding of the diverse world around them focussing on camouflaging. 

Experiment 2 - Agar plates and Germs, in this task we learnt all about different types of bacteria and the importance of hand washing. We placed our unwashed hands on an agar plate and then went and washed our hands thoroughly with soap and water and placed our clean hands on another agar plate. We are going to watch these grow for the next two days!

Experiment 3 - Brillant Bubbles, in this task we tested out different materials to see which would be these best material to make a bubble wand (we found that the pipe cleaners worked the best). We experimented with different sizes, shapes, colours and the right amount of air needed to create a gigantic bubble!

When the 'Queen' came to visit...

This half term our theme is 'Bright Lights, Big City' and we are basing all our learning on London. We have also been learning all about the different Kings and Queens of England in History. On Wednesday 22nd January we have a very 'special' visitor 'Queen Elizabeth II'. The children were super excited, they each made a crown to wear, set up the classroom with a throne fit for a Queen, made her cucumber sandwhiches and some yummy cakes. The children had prepared questions that they wanted to ask, for example: Do you like been Queen? What is the biggest decision you have ever made? and.... What colour are your bedsheets? We had a fantatsic morning eating, chatting and learning lots of facts! 

'A Miracle in Town'

On Thursday 12th December class 1 performed the nativity 'A Miracle in Town'. Each and everyone of them did a fantatsic job at remembering their lines and putting on a FABULOUS performance! 

class 1

'The Great Fire of London!'

Busy Bees

On Wednesday 20th November we were lucky enough to have Tom’s grandparents come in to school and talk to us all about bees. We learnt so much about how bees pollinate and what they do for our environment. We got to explore one of their hives that is no longer and we even got to taste some of the honey made at their bee farm, it was DELICOUS!

Today we took advantage of our fantastic ‘Wild Working Zone’ and took our maths and topic work outside (focused around Harvest). We measuring the length of the marrows, pumpkins and flowers we have growing in our area as well as counting how many different vegetables and fruit we have growing. 

Forest School

On Monday 25th November we had the opportunity to take part in Forest School activities (a HUGE thank you to Friends Of for funding this). Although the rain was pouring and the sky was grey we had a fantastic time learning new skills in teams and learning how to build shelters using natural materials. 


Becoming Geologists

On Wednesday 11th September 2019, class one became Geologists. We used a shisle and brush to crack and dig for fossils. We had lots of fun and learnt lots of facts about dinosaurs and fossils in the process. 



Non-negotiables for writing

Curriculum Newsletter / Yearly Overview

Non-negotiables for writing

Curriculum Newsletter / Yearly Overview

What do you need in school each day?

Here is a helpful list to remind you of what you need in school each day.  You need to remember to bring these into class ready for the start of the day.

Monday- Reading book, class planner and PE kit.

Tuesday- Reading book, class planner, trainers for the daily mile.

Wednesday- Reading book, class planner, trainers for the daily mile and spelling book.

Thursday- Reading book, class planner and PE kit. (SPaG work and spellings will be set every Thursday)

Friday- Reading book, class planner and trainers for the daily mile.