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A big hello from 'The Thames'! Thank you for visiting our class page. We are a Year 5 and 6 class with 19 children altogether. The Thames are taught by Mrs Appleton. We are always super busy doing lots of exciting things and getting involved in our learning. Keep reading to find out about what we get up to. 

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Redrow Homes

Class 3 were invited to visit Redrow’s show homes at Green Hammerton after a North Yorkshire Archi-tots competition, which aimed to introduce young people to the construction industry and was won by Ava. After a lovely brisk walk from school to Green Hammerton, we arrived and were givien the opportunity to explore the show homes. Throughout the morning we learnt about careers in construction, took part in different tasks and interviewed the site manager to find out how new homes are built.  We would like to extend our thanks to Redrow Homes for not only running this competition, but for also being friendly hosts at their new housing development. The children thoroughly enjoyed it! The 'goodie bags' were a bonus!

Imphal Barracks 2020

In November the children made Rememberance Day cards to send to the forces. They decided they wanted to send them to soliders that are serving to thank them for their bravery and dedication to our country. The children send the cards to Catterick, Linton-on-Ouse RAF and Imphal Barracks in York. A few weeks later we recieved a postcard from Imphal Barracks, personally written by the Kernel thanking the children for the wonderful cards they recieved, the soldiers were blown away by the personalisation and thought that had gone into the messages inside the cards. We then recieved a phone call from Mr Brian Kernel inviting the children to visit Imphal Barracks in York. On the 26th February we went to the Barracks for the day where they learnt all about weaponry, visited the Kahima museum, took part in STEM building activities, exploring the vehicles and trying on the kit. It was a fantatsic day! 

Jessica (Year 5) - It was amazing and such a great experience. The effort theat they had put in to make it the day it was, was incredible. My favourite part was holding the weaponry. 

Archie (Year 6) - I enjoyed everything. I learnt so much and couldn't believe how heavy the kits were that they had to wear for approximatley 8 hours per day. I learnt how powerful the guns are and how to hold the weapons to shoot at targets. It was an incredible experience. 

Charlotte's Cake

Charlotte baked a cake based on the book she has been reading in reading circles. 

Skipping with George!

Mathematics in the Wild Working Zone!


The children were using their measuring knowledge to measure the length, width / circumference and weight of various plants and vegetation. They practiced their estimating skills first demonstrating healthy competition with their peers...

Non-negotiables for Writing

Curriculum Newsletter / Yearly Overview

What do you need in school each day?

Here is a helpful list to remind you of what you need in school each day.  You need to remember to bring these into class ready for the start of the day.

Monday- Reading book, class planner and trainers for the daily mile.

Tuesday- Reading book, class planner, spelling book and PE kit. (SPaG work and spellings will be set every Tuesday)

Wednesday- Reading book, class planner, trainers for the daily mile.

Thursday- Reading book, class planner and trainers for the daily mile

Friday-Reading book, class planner and PE kit.