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Thank you for visiting our class page. We are a class of 22 Year 5 and 6 children. The O’Keefe’s are taught by Mrs Appleton (our Assistant Head) and Mrs Dale.

We are always really busy taking part in lots of exciting things to help support our learning.

Keep reading to see what else we have been up to…have fun!


KIRFS (Key Instant Recal Facts)

Non-negotiables for Writing

Curriculum Overview and Long Term Plan

Useful Websites

What do you need in school each day?

Here is a helpful list to remind you of what you need in school. 

Monday - Wear PE into school and remember to bring in an extra pair of shoes for indoor use incase your trainers get muddy taking part in PE or in the 'Mile-a-day'. 

Thursday - Reading Circles books. 

Friday - Reading Circles books and wear PE kit into school remembering to bring in a pair of school shoes for indoor use in case your trainers get muddy taking part in PE or the 'Mile-a-day'.

Remember to bring a water bottle every day and a coat in case it is raining or cold. You may also need to bring in your sun lotion and a sun hat if the weather is warm and sunny.