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Welcome to the Cheerful Chickpeas


Autumn Learning

We have been very busy since the start of the new year in Cheerful Chickpeas.  Our topic this term is the journey from Stone Age through to the Iron Age.  We have used our learning in our writing to write stories based on The Stone Age Boy. We thought carefully about how a Stone Age child would cope in 2018!  We have also created our own cave paintings and are now busy using wheels, an invention from the Stone Age, to design our own moving vehicle.


Here are Cheerful Chickpeas being historians.  We were using historical evidence to deduce what life was like in the Stone Age.

Stumps Cross Caverns

We had a fantastic school trip to Stumps Cross Cavern.  It was an amazing feeling to be underground and experience life in a cave....just like living in the Stone Age!  This trip also linked to our science learning- Rocks and Soils.  We learnt all about how stalegtites and stalegmites are formed and how long they take to form.  Can you remember how long it takes one of these columns to grow just 1cm?

What do you need in school each day?

Here is a helpful list to remind you of what you need in school each day.  You need to remember to bring these into class ready for the start of the day.

Monday- Reading book, class planner and trainers for the daily mile.

Tuesday- Reading book, class planner and PE kit.

Wednesday- Reading book, class planner, trainers for the daily mile, spelling book and homework.  Please make sure homework is handed into the homework tray otherwise it will be missed getting marked.

Thursday- Reading book, class planner and trainers for the daily mile

Friday-Reading book, class planner and PE kit.